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Randolph County has a wide variety of educational opportunities including Head Start, Randolph public schools, Randolph Southern School, Pataula Charter Academy, Albany Technical College and Andrew College.

Albany Technical College is pleased to announce that adults who did not graduate from high school can dual enroll using Ability to Benefit (ATB). ATB students can enroll in Adult Education to earn a GED at the same time that they earn a diploma or certificate at Albany Tech in certain programs. ATB students may qualify for PELL, HOPE, and may receive a $500 stipend when they earn their GED.
High school students can earn an associate’s degree or its workforce equivalent at the same time that they graduate from high school through Move On When Ready (MOWR). MOWR provides a college education at no direct cost to the student or parents. High school graduates who utilized MOWR may immediately become gainfully employed or start their university education as a junior. The link below indicates the colleges and universities with pathways from Albany Technical College.

If your know someone who could benefit from MOWR or ATB have them contact Barbara Brown at bbrown@albanytech.edu or (229) 430-1974. You can also apply or line at the Albany Tech web site www.albanytech.edu.